Sparkle Sisters Before Space Misters

Quick Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the world they inhabit. They were created by the fabulous people at Zombie Orpheus for their equally fabulous RPG, Masters of the Metaverse!  Be sure to tune in to Twitch.TV/zombieorpheus every Monday at 6PM PST to see more!


It had been an exceptionally emotional morning for Zelenia, Magical Space Princess Burgertown, Inc., and it didn’t seem likely to improve any time soon. The spontaneous and infinitely looping explosion of Nickelback had been fantastic, but the disappearance of Brad, along with the realization that he had been real this whole time, had opened up the flood gates that she normally kept tamped down. Luckily they had found Brad and reunited him with Chad, Magical Space Prince Esteban, but now Zelenia’s nerves were at a fever pitch because in about five minutes she was going to have to sing in front of 250,000 people and one very ticked off dark space queen. Zelenia slumped further down into her chair just off stage, and held her head in her hands.

“Zele? Are you okay?”

She started at the voice of her sister Elliana, Magical Space Princess Fabulon, who had suddenly appeared next to her. Quickly she wiped her eyes, just in case, and turned to face the pink sparkly presence to her right.

“What? I’m fine, all right?”

Elliana did not look convinced, “Mmmm, are you sure? Because right now you totally have the same expression on your face as you did the first time you found out that poetry didn’t have to rhyme.”

“I’m fine! I’m just…” Zelenia sighed and crossed her arms across her chest, “I”m just a little…I’m having some feelings okay?! Are you happy now? I’m emotional, I’m feeling deep and meaningful things, I have to go sing a song in front of a very large crowd of people, and I am pretty sure that I have to go apologize to Chad. It’s just been a long day and it isn’t even lunchtime yet.”

Elliana blinked, “I think that is the most words you have ever said to me in one sitting since we were nine.”

Zelenia shifted in her seat and glanced up at her sister. Elliana was looking down at her with an expression that meant either she was feeling a great deal of sisterly love or she had just seen a puppy. Possibly both. Elliana sat down and took Zelenia’s hand. Zelenia was surprised to realize that she did not feel like pulling away and saying something mean. What was wrong with her today?

“I think that Brad really got to you sister. I could tell, I am really good at noticing stuff. Is it because you too feel like a drumstick that only Chad can hear?”

Zelenia looked at her with an incredulous expression, “No. I do not feel like a drumstick. I just felt bad for making fun of Chad when Brad ended up being real. I know what that feels like and it sucks. So, I felt bad for doing that to another person. It was not because I was identifying as fried poultry on any level.”

Elliana nodded sagely and started patting Zelenia’s hand. This was slightly too much and Zelenia extricated herself quickly, but not unkindly.

“I can see that. I know that we don’t always get along and I know that I’ve made fun of you sometimes, Zele. But I actually do totally understand! Like, I get made fun of tons!”

“You do not! You’re the poster child for perfect Magical Space Princesses!”

“I totally do! SO many people think that because I like things that are pink and pretty that that means that I don’t know anything about like, fighting or piloting or inter-dimensional space travel. Like, just because I like to be happy and enjoy girly stuff doesn’t mean that I am not still a hard core warrior princess at heart!” Elliana had been sitting forward all this time. She suddenly seemed to remember herself and sat back.

Zelenia stared at her. “Wow. I never thought you thought about stuff like that Elli.”

“I totally do. I get you sister. I have to. You’re my sister sister, not just my Sparkle Sister.”

Zelenia let out a half choked sob and caught herself. Breath, breathe Zelenia, keep it together.

“Yeah, okay, whatever. I guess you’re okay but don’t get carried away or anything. I don’t want you loosing it on stage and having to cover for you.”

Elliana smiled and, before her sister could do anything to stop her, reached out and pulled Zelenia into a hug. Zelenia tensed but then relaxed into the embrace, which was her way of returning it without actually hugging.


The princesses pulled apart slowly and looked in the direction that the new voice had come from. Standing in front of them, munching on popcorn and wearing the expression of a man who was sorely hoping that someone was about to be suddenly drenched in water and need to change into something more comfortable, was Tank Spaceman. He was alone, the Woo Girls having accompanied each other to the ladies room, and seemed to be enjoying this private moment far too much.

“Can we, like, help you or something?” asked Elliana.

“I doubt it” he answered, “As I am a spaceman and you are just princesses. Please, don’t let me stop you two from expressing your affection for each other.”

“We’re sisters, you massive waste of space.” spat Zelenia.


“Please let me kill him.” Zelenia turned to her sister, “Just a little bit. It would really help me get ready for our song.”

Elliana shook her head sadly, “I’m like pretty sure that would be a total disqualification.”

“Wait, you ladies are in a band?” Tank asked, looking surprised.

“Totally!” Elliana said brightly, “We’re The Death Sparkles!”

“Then I have no choice! I will have to defeat you without mercy. It shouldn’t be too hard, since you are an all girl band. Nothing personal of course. I’ll still be available to you ladies if you need comfort after your loss. I don’t think I’ve made out with a Magical Space Princess before.”

The sound of Zelenia dry heaving was interrupted by the overhead speaker announcing, “Next up, The Death Sparkles. Death Sparkles please come to the stage! Death Sparkles to the stage!”

At this point two of the Woo Girls reappeared and tapped Tank on the shoulder.

“Woo?” said one.

“Huh? Oh no honey, don’t you worry. They’re just a girl rock band.” he answered.

“Woo.” said the other, linking arms with him, and without another look at Zelenia or Elliana, Tank Spaceman swaggered off.

“I severely hate that guy. Seriously. I hate him more than I ever hated Chad.” said Zelenia.

Elliana stood up and offered a hand, “Come on sister, let’s go totally rock out.”

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